This year's destinations from HCA Airport 2022 

Here's an overview of flights with seats available during the summer and autumn of 2022. You can travel with Spies and Gislev Rejser to a host of exciting destinations. 

Are you in the midst of planning where to go this summer or autumn? As usual, HCA Airport offers a lot of exciting departures, which we've compiled below so you can quickly get an overview of possible destinations. 

Although several of the flights here from HCA Airport are already sold out, there are fortunately still more exciting destinations waiting ahead with Gislev Rejser and Spies. 

Mallorca with Spies - departure every Tuesday from week 26 to 30: Look forward to sun, sand and surf on this lovely Mediterranean island.  

Croatian archipelago holiday with Gislev Rejser - departure 6/8, 13/8, 20/8 and 27/8: Great adventures and sunny summer days await in the Dalmatian archipelago, where you'll find charming towns along some of Europe's most beautiful coastlines and wonderful scenery. 

Flight to Naples with Gislev Rejser - departure 26/6, 3/7, 10/7, 17/7, 27/7, 28/8, 4/9, 11/9, 18/9, 25/9, 2/10, 9/10: With a flight to Naples in southern Italy, you can plan a holiday full of your favourite things.

Flight to Dublin with Gislev Rejser - departure 3/7, 10/7, 17/7, 24/7: With a flight to Dublin, you can plan a holiday full of your favourite things.

Flight to Edinburgh with Gislev Rejser - departure 31/7, 7/8, 14/8, 21/8: With a flight to Edinburgh, you can plan a holiday filled with the things you want to see.

Rome and Sorrento with Gislev Rejser - departure 28/8, 9/10: Join us on an adventure-packed tour of southern Italy from the Italian capital to the coast of southern Italy.

Provence and Southern France with Gislev Rejser - departure 11/9, 25/9, 9/10: Look forward to beautiful medieval towns, exciting excursions and stunning scenery.

Tuscany heart with Gislev Rejser - departure 23/9: Look forward to rolling countryside, vineyards and olive groves spiced up with a great excursion programme that gives you the best of Tuscany.

Nice/Monaco/Blomsterkysten with Gislev Rejser - departure 4/9, 18/9, 2/10: A beautiful flight to the Riviera with sun, summer and beautiful sights with time for both relaxation and adventure.

Corsica with Gislev Rejser - departure 23/9: Here you'll find nature that's hard to find anywhere, beautiful beaches and cosy little towns where life is lived in the town square.

Cruise in the Mediterranean with Gislev Rejser - departure 11/9, 25/9, 2/10: A journey filled with amazing natural and cultural experiences on land and time for pampering, socialising and relaxing as you sail between France, Italy and Spain.  

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