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UAS Denmark Test Center
based in HCA
Airport in Odense

UAS Denmark Test Center is an international drone test center based at Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Odense.

0 +

km2 airspace

0 +

Test flights since 1/1-2021

Latest News


Funen residents can now fly direct on autumn holidays from Odense to Rhodes

This autumn, Funen residents now have the opportunity to fly directly to the popular Greek holiday island of Rhodes. For the first time, Spies is offering a direct charter flight from HCA Airport to Rhodes in the...

International Drone Show focussed on the future of drone flight

More than 500 visitors from around the world gathered yesterday at the International Drone Show in Denmark to showcase technologies, meet new partners and keep up with the latest...

Giant drone for heavy cargo transport successfully tested at HCA Airport

Over the past few weeks, Scottish company Flowcopter has been testing its heavy-lift cargo drone in the unique drone airspace above HCA Airport. These were the first outdoor test flights...

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