UAS Denmark Test Center

International drone test centre

UAS Denmark Test Center is an international drone test center based at Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Odense.

The UAS Denmark Test Center is composed of three main pillars:

3-part cooperation

The UAS Denmark Test Center is based on a three-part collaboration between Hans Christian Andersen Airport, the Municipality of Odense and the University of Southern Denmark.


By combining a unique testing environment with a strong ecosystem, we will create Denmark's fastest growing sector within 5 years. The goal is to accelerate tomorrow's drone stars, create value for the drone industry by connecting with other industries and facilitate a strong innovation environment in the national test centre. In other words: We boost the potential of drone technology.

About UAS Denmark's Test Centre

As one of the only test centres in Europe, UAS Denmark combines an approved BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) airspace extending beyond the North Funen Sea, a fast approval process and drone laboratories. The test centre works closely with the Danish Transport Agency, universities and industry - both nationally and internationally.

The 1,900-square-kilometre airspace includes a BVLOS test area that extends across town, country and an offshore water zone over the North Funen Sea. The area can be used for out-of-sight flights or in-sight flights to test drones, sensors or other systems. We have extensive experience with the relevant legislation and provide on this basis sparring to the center's users when the necessary permits must be obtained.

About the services of UAS Denmark Test Center

As part of the operation of the test centre, we offer support to and collaboration with users in a number of areas:

The development of a drone cluster

With only 15 minutes to Odense's innovative robotics environment, Hans Christian Andersen Airport is already developing a budding drone cluster with close links to universities, GTSs, international partners and the entire Danish drone industry. Whether your company is facing a development, testing or operational stretch, you can take advantage of the airport's facilities. Here you have the opportunity to get easy access to the airspace, the drone network, rent offices in the Business Park or hold workshops. Approximately 80 competent employees are assigned to the test and development activities in the UAS Denmark Test Center at our permanent tenants.

The Danish drone network is today organised in Odense Robotics.

The test centre offers:

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