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What is a cookie

A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your computer. They are typically used to ensure the technical functioning of a website, but can also be used to collect statistical information about users' movements.

What is the cookie law

The Cookie Act is designed to protect users from the unlawful collection of their website usage data. All Danish websites are obliged to inform users about which cookies are placed on their equipment. The information must comply with the "Decree on information and consent requirements for the storage of and access to data in end-users' terminal equipment", which is part of an EU directive on the protection of privacy in electronic communications.

Our use of cookies on this website

On this website, we use cookies to collect information about users' movements. This cookie is deleted from your browser when you end your visit with us. We use the collected knowledge to improve our website so that you as a visitor can find the information you need from us as quickly and easily as possible. If you log in or shop with us, we also use cookies to ensure the technical implementation of the services mentioned.

How do I opt out of cookies?

You can choose to disable cookies in all common browsers. Please note that this may mean that websites no longer function properly. Find out more about your options from your chosen browser provider.

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How to delete cookies on Safari iOS

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