Pilot info

What you should know

For information about the airport please follow this link to Naviair's page, which is the AIM office for Denmark.


Here you can see the current aviation weather on DMI.

Flightplan and NOTAM

Here you can fill in and submit flightplans as well as see NOTAM for both cities in Denmark as well as countries bordering Købenshavn FIR.


Outside the tower's opening hours, self-service is available during the VFR day period for pilots with an airport card.

REMEMBER that registration must be done on landing! Registration is done by entering your name in the logbook located in the BP box. If you fail to register on landing, the airport reserves the right to charge a "failure to register" fee. If you have forgotten to register, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] on the day of landing to avoid the fee.

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