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Take a look at our video archive below and go behind the scenes here at Hans Christian Andersen Airport.

Come inside the airport control tower

Come inside our control tower where you can meet AFIS operator Aqqalu. As an AFIS operator, Aqqalu's main task is to liaise with aircraft taking off from and landing at the airport, as well as providing necessary information about the current weather situation and traffic in and around the airport, which in HCA Airport's case also includes drones. 

Everyday life as an Intervention Manager

In this video, Rasmus talks about his duties as Head of Operations at HCA Airport. Here he is responsible for the runway and manoeuvring area, where he checks if the area is free of birds and gives runway reports to the control tower. Birds pose a threat, for example, in the form of bird strikes, where birds can fly into the engine.

Railway inspection

Rasmus is Operations Manager at HCA Airport and in this video he gives an insight into what it looks like when the fence around the airport is inspected. Rasmus looks for any holes in the fence and whether the fence has the necessary pieces of barbed wire. At the airport we have 170 hectares, 120 of which are within the fence, and there are a full eight kilometres around the fence.

Get to know the airport fire engines

Operations Manager Rasmus takes you inside one of the airport's large fire engines, which can shoot about 65 metres and hold a whopping 6,200 litres of water and 500 litres of foam. In the video, Rasmus gives an insight into the airport's heavy equipment, which is always ready in case of an emergency. 

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