Runway rental

General regulations for the use of Hans Christian Andersen Airport as a backdrop or venue for, for example, test drives, photo and film shoots, etc.

Here at the airport, we offer the possibility to rent the runway for test runs, filming or photography. We will always do our utmost to accommodate your wishes, however there are of course some general rules that must be observed and these can be read below.

It costs 2.000,- DKK ex VAT per hour (max 5 hours). For more than 5 hours, this is considered to be one day, for which the rent is 25.000,- DKK ex VAT per day. This covers coordination, registration of guest passes, one airport employee and the issuing of a NOTAM for runway closure. If the event requires more manpower for the legal and proper conduct of the event, a charge will be added.

In addition, the use of equipment, meeting rooms, etc. must be paid for if this is necessary, e.g. for piloting, guarding and cordoning off.

It is not permitted to carry weapons, knives of any kind or other objects that could be used in an unlawful act against civil aviation.
No filming is allowed in or against the security checkpoint.

If traffic or other conditions make it necessary, Tower may interrupt the filming without prior notice. Likewise, Tower will stop the recordings if the general regulations are not complied with.

Hans Christian Andersen Airport also reserves the right to refuse requests that contravene company policy.

The companies, aircraft and people from the airport who may want to appear in the photos should know. The photographer/film crew must have the permission of those appearing in the photos. The airport is not responsible for this.

Everyone entering the area must bring a valid photo ID in the form of a passport or driver's license, if no ID is brought, no access to the area.


Please specify by e-mail to [email protected] the purpose of the recording, the date and the expected time, and that the general terms and conditions have been read and understood.

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