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Core narrative

At HCA Airport, we go to work every day to make our customers' journeys easier - whether it's to a new destination or to new business adventures inside and outside the airport. For us, it's about creating the best possible environment for both travellers and businesses. And we believe the key is good service and a solution-oriented approach.

We make our knowledge, framework and good will available to anyone who needs things to work. Our vision is for the airport to be a key player in the development of tomorrow's aviation.

At HCA Airport, we manage airspace passenger transport, have a Business Park and contribute to the development of airspace opportunities by bringing together drone companies around world-class testing facilities. A key component is our drone test centre UAS Denmark Test Center, which is one of Northern Europe's strongest hubs for testing and developing advanced drone technologies.

And then we solve the various tasks without a lot of arm-twisting, but solely with a focus on giving companies and travellers a good experience with safe surroundings, top security and a good and flexible service.

Modern airports have high standards, but these standards must not stifle good ideas - whether it's a charter flight, a drone company or an idea for a new business venture. That's why we make it our top priority to help our customers get safely out into the world - easily and conveniently.

In short: We make our customers' journey easier.

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