NextGen Robotics receives €43.5 million for further development

The Funen business lighthouse NextGen Robotics, of which HCA Airport and UAS Denmark Test Centre are a part, receives DKK 43.5 million from the Danish Business Promotion Agency. The funds will further develop the lighthouse and strengthen innovation collaboration with companies. Weibel, which has an office at HCA Airport, is one of the companies that will benefit from the funds. The Danish Business Promotion Agency will strengthen [...]

Denmark becomes Europe's drone meeting place in August

Hundreds of drone specialists from across Europe will gather in Denmark in August for the International Drone Show to discuss trends in drone development now and in the future. Leading experts from Denmark and abroad will provide attendees with new knowledge on how drones can play a crucial role in strengthening areas such as security, transport and surveillance. [...]

Flying taxis can take off and land on top of Odense Railway Station

A new partnership between HCA Airport in Odense and Copenhagen Helicopter will be the first in Denmark to build an infrastructure for electrically-powered flying taxis to ferry people between the country's largest cities. Before the summer holidays, the first flying taxi will arrive in Funen, and the aim is to establish a landing site on the roof of Odense Railway Station [...]

From Odense to Copenhagen in 20 minutes - in a CO2-neutral drone


In a few years, you can take the trip from Odense to Copenhagen in just 20 minutes in a drone taxi with room for up to six passengers. A CO2-neutral, low-noise drone taxi, no less. And with a range of 300 kilometres and a speed of 200-300 kilometres per hour. Eventually you [...]

This year's destinations from HCA Airport 2022 

Here's an overview of flights with seats available during the summer and autumn of 2022. You can travel with Spies and Gislev Rejser to a host of exciting destinations. Are you in the midst of planning where to travel this summer or autumn? As usual, HCA Airport offers a lot of exciting [...]

Watch video report on new competence centre for small drones

In this video report, you can see how it went when Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen (S), Mayor of Odense Peter Rahbæk Juel (S) and HCA Airport's Chairman Kim Kenlev presented the vision for the new centre - followed by a live demonstration of the many possibilities that flying with small drones opens up. The competence centre will create [...]

Ministry of Defence establishes competence centre for small drones

The drone field is developing rapidly, and smaller drones in particular are finding greater and greater applications in the Ministry of Defence Group. The Ministry of Defence is now setting up a Group competence centre for small drones at HCA Airport, which is expected to train 100-150 drone operators annually in the future. The centre will provide consistency between the smaller drone capabilities procured and deployed within the group, as well as unify the initial [...]

See the veteran aircraft dance in the skies over Odense on 19-22 August

Funen residents can get their inner aerobatic geek out when the Vintage Aerobatic World Championships are held at HCA Airport from Thursday to Sunday this week - where around 15 classic vintage aircraft will compete to show off their best tricks in the air. There will be the best opportunities to see the planes on Friday and [...]

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