From Odense to Copenhagen in 20 minutes - in a CO2-neutral drone

In a few years, you can take the trip from Odense to Copenhagen in just 20 minutes in a drone taxi with room for up to six passengers. A drone taxi that is CO2-neutral and quiet. And with a range of 300 kilometres and a speed of 200-300 kilometres per hour.


Eventually, you'll also be able to take the drone taxi to Gothenburg, Hamburg and Berlin. And companies like Falck will be able to use the drones to ferry doctors and paramedics to emergency rooms, for example. 

The above is not science fiction, but reality for the foreseeable future. Indeed, developments are going incredibly fast these years.

Thanks to the UAS Denmark Test Center and our unique airspace facilities, HCA Airport is already a major player in the drone field. And now Odense Municipality has allocated half a million kroner to a study on how the airport can also play a key role in the development of tomorrow's taxi drones.

Read more in these articles in TV2 Fyn and Berlingske, including an interview with the airport's chairman, Kim Kenlev.


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