Ministry of Defence establishes competence centre for small drones

The drone field is developing rapidly, and smaller drones in particular are finding greater and greater applications in the Ministry of Defence Group. The Ministry of Defence is now setting up a Group competence centre for small drones at HCA Airport, which is expected to train 100-150 drone operators annually in the future.

The centre will ensure consistency between the smaller drone capabilities purchased and deployed within the Group and standardise initial training for drone operators.

Two essential components

The establishment of the competence centre thus supports the strong competences that are anchored in and around HCA Airport and UAS Denmark when it comes to drone technology and drone flight.

"At the competence centre there are really good opportunities to test your drones and there is a strong professional environment. These are the two components that are essential, and the centre offers opportunities that are not available elsewhere in Denmark," says Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen (S).

Close to the latest developments in the field

Physically, the new competence centre will be located at UAS Denmark in HCA Airport and will be an extension of the existing triple helix cooperation already established in the drone field across research, industry and government.

The location will ensure that the Ministry of Defence authorities are close to the latest developments in the field and that the capabilities are used in the best possible way.

"It means a lot for our strengthening of the ecosystem that the Ministry of Defence is also establishing itself here, and there are many companies that want to supply, collaborate and interact with the Ministry of Defence. So it is certain that the establishment of the competence centre will attract additional activities and jobs to the airport," says Kim Kenlev, Chairman of the Board of HCA Airport.

The new drone centre will employ two people and will start on 1 January 2022.

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